Cold, cold heart are thrilled to reveal the band's first official promo. The video to Wake Up In Blue was shot in Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland earlier this summer. The clip was directed by Callum Henderson amid The Mourne Mountains, the setting for much of Game Of Thrones. Speaking about the inspiration for the video, Henderson explained: "When listening to the hypnotic melody, my mind drifted towards a shining light, a beacon. And although the song emotes a longing, there is something optimistic pulling us through the journey." Elaborating on the themes, which touch on mental health and the projection of other-worldly powers to overcome pain and replenish faith, he continued: “The idea itself is a simple one but we have the opportunity to realise this in a quiet, beautiful and hopefully touching manner. Lost in the beautiful surroundings of our intended location, with the subtle magic realism of the beacon, our character experiences a similar calling as the lighthouse speaks out to Gatsby in The Great Gatsby”.



How The Other Half Live And Die was recorded between Cold, cold heart’s formation in early 2014 and the album’s release in March, 2016. Built around the concepts of love and loss, the band have written songs that soundtrack the beauty and challenges in their romantic relationships and capture the sadness and nostalgia left behind in the wake of departed loved ones. Upon its release, the seven-track collection received widespread acclaim and was described as "an excellent piece of work" by BBC Radio 6 Music DJ Gideon Coe. In their review, Stationary Travels commented: “In these seven affecting tracks we can hear the soaring e-bow arcs and tender arpeggios of Explosions in the Sky, the brooding melodicism of Mogwai, and the lyrical piano/violin narratives of Rachel’s to name a few. When these are employed at the same time and in perfect balance, as they are on the penultimate track ‘Mountain’, it is strikingly beautiful.”

The tracklisting is as follows:  

1) Hannah (04:59)
2) Wolf Eyes, You're Staring (05:45)
3) Stand/Still (06:34)
4) Megan (04:50)
5) An Elegy (For Martha) (04:12)
6) Mountain (05:23)
7) Anna (04:16)

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“It is a pathetic thought. We struggle, we rise, we tower in the zenith a brief and gorgeous moment, with the adoring eyes of the nations upon us, then the lights go out, oblivion closes around us, our glory fades and vanishes, a few generations drift by, and naught remains but a mystery and a name.” How will future generations remember Cold, cold heart? What makes a band special, born with sufficient power to hit the “zenith” that Mark Twain spoke of? How can we explain those fleeting, hard to reach and impossible to touch qualities that conjure the devotion and desire surrounding much music in the modern era?

This is a potent force, timed to fire at certain triggers. But do supposed attributes like hype, star quality and fashion actually stand for very much? Does the power lie in pop culture's façade, theatre and artifice or does it rest in the everyday, the world that baffles and nourishes us and those that soundtrack it without gesture or calculation? Listen to Cold, cold heart and you will witness an elemental power and unalloyed, widescreen joy unwilling to be defined by convenient categorisation, pithy soundbites, viral campaigns or sidebar Q&As in free newspapers.

It is this character that informed the band’s 2015 debut, How The Other Half Live And Die, an album so tuned into heartbreak that lost loves were identified and then mourned and celebrated in a collection of ruptured, elegiac and sky-bound instrumentals. How The Other Half Live And Die stands as a shared soundtrack to life. “Anxiety, illness, depression, hope and repair are all things that can be felt by anyone, at any point. We have all had our fair share”, explains Robert. To the fear and beauty in death. To infatuation and devotion. To the band’s personal battles with life's challenges. The most important instrument is the listener’s imagination.

Formed out of numerous friendships and chance meetings, Cold, cold heart are Chris Daniel, Robert Manning, Gareth Jones and Alex Wilson, a four-piece with roots across southeast England. Their music comes from a simplistic, pure place but resonates between order and chaos, glitter and dirt, beauty and destruction. Nothing is planned or predetermined, only that it’s a journey worth taking. They plan to continue making music over the coming months and post their progress here without overblown fanfare. All the drama in their minds can be heard in the band’s music, acting as a cracked mirror to the everyday soul. Perhaps this is a pathetic thought. But what makes Cold, cold heart special is that they are just like you and I. Come with us.






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